Wood Calculator

Wood calculation

Now easily with your iPhone or iPad. Calculate the volume, weight or the calorific value for different types of wood.

The handy app for foresters, forest farmers, forest owners and timber buyers.

Enter Fuel type, Wood type, Water content, Calculation type and Calculation values to calculate the Volume in meters, Weight and Calorific value.


The Fuel type Single Log, offers you a choice of different calculation types: Cylinder, Cone or Truncated cone.


In addition, you have the choice between various conversion methods: Solid cubic meter, Stacked cubic meter, Bulk cubic meter as well as Circumference and Diameter.

Wood calculation sample:
Single Log

Step 1: Fuel type

Single Log, Firewood Logs, Wood pellets, Wood briquettes and Wood chips.

Step 2: Wood type

Various types of wood to choose from.

Step 3: Water content

The Water content determines the weight and calorific value.

Step 4: Calculation type

Cylinder, Cone or Truncated cone determine the accuracy of the calculation.

Step 5: Calculation values:

Input of Log length, Bottom diameter and Top diameter.

Step 6:  Calculation result

Solid cubic meter, Stacked cubic meter, Bulk cubic meter, Weight and Calorific value.


Individual calculation results can be stored independently for each fuel type in the Watch List (optional) and can be shared as PDF or CSV, e.g. by e-mail or message.

Length measurement

Length measurement in augmented reality (optional). Simply measure individual trunks without measuring tape!




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